When you read your direct-mail:

Do you recognize your organization?

Are you hearing your voice, or a consultant’s?

Does your donor understand what makes your mission and programs unique?

At Davidson & Co., we don’t have a bag of tricks, work from a standard menu of strategies, or default to red-meat tactics. Instead, we create programs fully customized to your organization.

We work with a select group of highly-valued clients, which allows us time to become “embedded” in your organization. Our process begins at the executive level, as we seek to understand your unique mission, programs, and strategic positioning. We want to know where the organization has been and where it’s going next – in one year, five years, or a decade.

We also work closely not only with your development staff but also with your program staff, be they economists or investigative reporters or field staff or academics. This is how we capture the nuances of your work, its animating principles, and day-to-day details.

The result is a series of direct-mail packages that could only come from your organization, one that reflects your organizational identity and captures your voice.

Still, the letter is only the beginning. Davidson & Co. is a full-service direct-mail firm. We help you define your goals, design strategies that will meet those goals, create a corresponding communications calendar, manage package design, list selection, and production. When the results come in, we provide a full analysis of those results and make recommendations for next steps.

Ultimately, your direct-mail program becomes an integrated component of your fundraising plan, enabling you to develop long-term relationships with donors that will carry your organization securely into the future.

Our Offerings

Full-Service Programs

Davidson & Co. works with our full-service clients on the whole of their direct-mail program.

We help you define your goals, we design a strategy to meet those goals, and we create a corresponding communications calendar. We craft compelling letters which describe your programs and solutions and invite donors to invest or re-invest in you, all in your own voice. We recommend package design, choose the best lists for you, use our proprietary cost-savings measures to produce your packages and make sure they mail on time, analyze the results, and make recommendations for next steps.

Your direct-mail program will become an integrated component of your fundraising plan, developing long-term relationships that will carry your organization to the next level.


Davidson & Co. is keenly aware that there are too few people who know enough to master the countless intricacies of direct-mail fundraising. We also know many organizations don’t have the budget for a full-time direct-mail consultant.

Our mentoring programs are designed to help your staff become better acquainted with direct-mail and its finer points. We guide staff through the process of defining goals and developing a strategy, recommend a mail schedule, edit your copy, help you select lists, review package designs, analyze your results, and make recommendations for next steps.

Along the way, we explain our recommendations so your staff can, eventually, move forward without us. Are we training our future competitors? Perhaps. (There’s a long tradition of this in the direct-mail world!) But we know one thing to be true: the more good mail is out there; the more donors will respond to good mail.


Davidson & Co. offers day-long trainings for your staff. We cover everything from direct-mail jargon to programmatic analysis. We prefer to keep classes small so your staff is free to ask specific questions and we can answer them in full.

Trainings are for organizations managing their direct-mail program in-house but also for those already working with outside consultants. In the first case, we want to help you stand on your own two feet. In the latter case, we want you to be an informed consumer. In all cases, as with all we do, Davidson & Co.’s trainings are customized to your specific needs.

“I’ve worked with Shana for years now, when we called her firm in to clean up a mess we had. She sat down with us, figured out where the problems were, came up with a sequence of actionable items, and it worked perfectly.”

Joe Bishop-HenchmanTax Foundation

“Davidson & Co. provides very professional, customized direct marketing services for its clients. Shana is extremely knowledgeable and is focused on producing the highest quality product and the best results for nonprofits. We are happy to recommend Davidson & Co. to any nonprofit that wants to expand its base of donors.”

Ann FitzgeraldA.C. Fitzgerald and Associates

“Sharp as a tack, uber responsive, knows her stuff, gets that stuff done, and will shoot straight with you. But wait — there’s more! She’s a complete blast! You heard it here first.”

Claire Kittle DixonTalent Market

“Shana has a gift – backed up by years of experience and a dedication to data – for going to the heart of an organization’s mission and crafting a compelling narrative that emphasizes your unique selling proposition. She also excels at adapting those messages according to the calendar, the newspapers’ front pages, or your most recent policy win or organizational challenge.”

Megan RitterNational Council For Adoption

“Shana has been an incredible resource for us. Even more, she takes the time to explain the reason behind everything so that we can learn from her experience.”

Kelly McGonigalGeorgia Center for Opportunity

“With a wealth of experience in politics, the free-market movement, and agencies, Shana can advise organizations at any level – whether you’re just getting started or you have a robust program in place already.”

Daniel ErspamerPelican Institute for Public Policy

“Shana oversaw our direct mail program for more than seven years, with responsibilities including the donor acquisition program, house file mailings, donor communications, and general fundraising responsibilities. She successfully built a house file while raising net money for the organization. She understands the science and art of direct mail fundraising. She is a good copywriter and keeps up with the latest information and techniques in the industry. I can offer an unqualified recommendation of Shana’s work in direct mail and development.”

Roger ReamThe Fund for American Studies
“Shana is a motivated, forward-thinking consultant with extensive experience and knowledge in her field. Her hands-on strategy managing high dollar direct mail campaigns has produced phenomenal results. Her commitment and attention to client detail are impressive, and she is among the very best consultants that I’ve had the pleasure to know. Shana possesses a winning combination of solid skills and business sense, and I have learned a great deal from her. I have no hesitation in working with Shana again in the future or recommending her to other organizations.”
Lisa Hazlett RobertsAmerican Institute for Economic Research

Shana is very knowledgeable about direct mail and highly resourceful in its execution. My organization is a client of Shana’s, and she is achieving great outcomes for us. Despite the fact that we brought her a difficult situation (we hadn’t mailed to our file in two years, we had previously only had a low-dollar direct mail program, and we were going through a bumpy database transition), Shana created a unique plan for us that “prospected” and reactivated lapsed donors, re-engaged current donors, and converted our low-dollar file to a high dollar-file with a good, consistent response rate, all in less than a year. We are better off for having worked with Shana!

Genevieve McCarthyNational Taxpayers Union
Shana does a fantastic job capturing the wonky details of tax policy in a voice and tone that the public can understand. That isn’t easy to do! She is a delight to work with. 
Nicole KaedingTax Foundation

Let’s meet first to discuss your current challenges and opportunities, short-term and long-term goals. We’ll determine together the best plan for moving forward. 

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